First impressions matter. And at Hursh Painting Company, Inc., we help businesses make exceptional first impressions through our commercial painting services. Our skilled staff of professional painters has the experience and expertise to ensure your building’s interior and exterior finishes accomplish your vision of your ideal working environment.

In addition to working directly for commercial owners, Hursh Painting Company performs an extensive number of new construction projects for the area’s best General Contractors and Construction Managers, many of whom have been on our customer list for decades.

Through paying attention to all design considerations, using brands of the best quality, and applying the most effective techniques, we’ll help you transform your workplace into one that impresses customers and inspires employees.

Our commercial painting and related services include:
  • Interior, exterior, and decorative painting
  • Vinyl and fabric wallcoverings
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Texture coatings and faux finishes
  • Epoxy, high-performance, and multi-color coatings
  • Elastomeric and waterproof wall coatings
  • Caulking, sealants, and clear water repellents

  • Staining and finishing
  • Pressure washing
  • In shop painting and finishing services

Hursh Painting Company’s professional team puts safety first in all we do, and we conduct our work respectfully to prevent disrupting your ability to do business as usual. Contact us if you’re looking for an experienced, reliable commercial painting contractor who will meet your specific needs, adhere to deadlines, and exceed your expectations.

We were very impressed with the quality of workmanship that Hursh Painting Company presented to us on a daily basis. Each person was at the top of their game when they came to work. We are also grateful to your team for the way they interacted with our staff and guests. We would definitely consider your company a top candidate for work on future projects.